In 2013, with just one idea, and minimal knowledge on how to work a camera, Jamie began taking photographs of his friends asking them to model and doing landscape photos of Chicago while residing in his hometown of Lockport, IL. Instantly, he was hooked and set out to photograph anything and everything! In the beginning, it was challenging for him to find diverse subjects to photograph. Naturally, to compensate, he settled for simple portraits.

[2015] The journey was only enhanced when Jamie purchased a Nikon D800 camera. Learning and continuously teaching himself how to edit his images to their full potential, he discovered true beauty in digital portraits. They resonated with a side of him that found peace, and with ease, he suddenly found himself falling in love with the timeless attributes of photography.

[2016] At this point, Jamie has decided to switch up his rhythm and implement fashion with his photography, so that he can incorporate his talent with the high-end fashion industry. He designed his own pieces of clothing he calls, NO SHAME. At the end of the year, Jamie started building his team with direct involvement and equity.

[2017] This Website was launched with a dream to add companies for branding and to gain a fashion lifestyle clientele.

[NO SHAME]  No Shame. What do people think of when they see and say these two words together? Honestly, does it matter? It doesn't if you have, No Shame. I have No Shame when it comes to not caring what other people think. We ought to grow, evolve, express, and become ourselves with No Shame. Why should it be questioned? Because living your life free with No Shame is shameless. So I bring to you my brand, and with it, I want you to be you, and have = NO SHAME =



Jamie strives to capture honest and genuine moments while continuously raising the bar. He executes what comes through his lens by emphasizing on portraits, fashion, lifestyle, and landscape photography.  

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