So as you can see the logo has changed and I like it, that’s the most important part. Change is good, it can be scary, but I personally embrace it. I’ve gotten good feed back as well, so I thought to myself why not give some free nice flowing Zen like wall papers out to start the 20/20 enjoy! 



Here I was back in L.A. a few months after going for the first time. This time I went solo and was honored to be able to shoot and be instructed by the talented Max Thompson. Website so you can see his work  We were able to shoot at the POPSICLE LA. A lot of music videos and big films have been shot there, favorite the Dark Knight. It was a great experience I recommend you to do a Max Thompson work shop when he offers one you won’t be let down. He even made time for after the class to just hang out and show us a night out in L.A. and I think like in Vegas that will stay there. :)

- Jamie


So here I was sitting at home on a Saturday at 4:11pm waiting for the nightlife to begin. I was scrolling social media swiping through Instagram stories and BOOM! I discovered the lovely Giselle was here in Chicago from Florida. I instantly sent her a message confirming it, because who knows, it could have been a old shared story. I quickly replied as she confirmed, I said, “let’s connect” and you can read the rest from the shared conversation above. There really is no words for this night of what I stepped into a dud date beforehand and a couple shots later this is the results. Three lovely ladies in a beautiful place with floor to ceiling windows and bootyful view of Chicago.

- Jamie


Have I introduced you to my P.I.C (partner in crime)? Meet Tyler Harney, who is the one who sold me my first camera and became my teacher. I met him while in college and before he picked up a camera also, we shared some interest and became friends. When he did reach for the camera he used it learning all about it and how it works and how it ticks. I too took a interest in it from a far, admiring what he was able to do with it. He became better as time progressed. I spent hours watching him edit photos also. It wasn’t until he became a promoter for a club in Chicago and it was his job to take photos to promote the club scene and while I would go with him to the club he would allow me to take his camera and go take photos with it. From that moment I was like this is fun, not only was I capturing a moment, I was able to approach and meet so many new people. So fast forward a little, Tyler was looking to buy a new camera and here I was with my new love for photography. Tyler suggested I buy his camera, as he wanted to advance and buy a new one and that is exactly what I did. I’m sure you know where it took me from there by my work and content. But my friend Tyler has a different passion and love. He shoots landscapes, nature and wildlife. However I make him shoot portraits and lifestyle every now and then. We have traveled to several awesome places. We both push each-other out of our comfort zones to learn and grow more while stretching our creativity. Here is a link to his website probably better looking than mine but check him out and his work. It’s worth the time. ”

- Jamie


Olga, let this woman here be an example of following your dreams. I may not of been able to speak to her because of language, but the little we were able to translate through google translator app and the images she was able to project. There is nothing stopping her, she just might be going somewhere big and I am happy to have been able to collaborate with her. Hope to work with you again.

- Jamie


Cold weather is here and unfortunately it’s not going any where soon here in Illinois, good thing we decided to introduce our new No Shame hoodies. It’s a great hoodie to where anytime you are out and about, meeting new people, being you and to whom ever it may concern that hey, “Your opinion hasn’t cut me a check yet” so keep your judgment and negativity away from us as you do you with No Shame. 

- Staff


So I stepped back into time. I noticed film is making a bit of a come back. Thought I’d go ahead and purchase a film camera. What better one then the Canon AE-1 from the 1970’s! This Camera from what I’ve learned has had a good reputation. The strap lugs and shutter release button are finished in polished chrome that contrasts nicely withe satin body. I’d say this is a beautiful camera, but beauty means nothing if there is no substance. It’d be an awful thing to have picked it up and discovered that everything felt cheap and tacky. Luckily this is not the case. I’m looking forward to developing and learning this new tool. To hold a picture and see your mistakes once you get the film back from getting developed and just the whole nostalgic of it, has me excited to use on my next shoot.

- Jamie


Friend’s, I normally keep my circle small, but I still manage to make new ones. It’s often hard to do and or spend time with exciting ones as we are all on our own journey accomplishing goals and such. As I keep a busy schedule myself, I like to keep up with my friends on social media and in this instance my friend Sandra, had made a new friend also, who I one day noticed on her Snapchat story. I quickly replied asking her, “hey who is that girl in your story?” She replied, “I knew you would ask me that lol.” So Sandra had told me and I had to ask if the both of them would like to do a shoot, she asked and they were both totally down. And just like that I made a new friend named Tamlyn Gabin. Who I then discovered lived In South Africa and was soon to leave back home as she was working temporally in the states. Her energy was great and she already was a pro in front of the camera, striking posses and making a mood, Sandra and Tamlyn killed it as I think the pictures came out looking pretty magical while spending practically the whole day together exploring Chicago. While Tamlyn is now back home I ponder, now that I made a new friend in South Africa when will I go visit? Knowing that I have a personal tour guide.

- Jamie   


I had went to Las Vegas, fun experience, I think I saw a good portion of it, but would really like to go back to do more. It was a friends wedding that brought me there. I couldn’t pass the opportunity to see a wedding/be apart of it and experience it with good friends. Not to mention, it was my first time ever going to Vegas. I had a good solid week to experience it. Landing on a Wednesday morning and leaving on a Monday evening. I had tried reaching out to Vegas models, but my luck didn’t work out on this vacation. I did, however, go to several pool parties some clubs and many places on the strip, and even went to old Vegas, where I’ll most likely zip line down the next time I go back. Trust that I have a list to accomplish mentally in my head for the next visit. I stayed at Bally’s Hotel, it was a nice place where we could easily commute to several locations quickly. I even found out that I was but a block from where my Favorite Rapper had got shot for the last time “R.I.P. Tupac” on the corner of Koval lane and Flamingo road. While I was there I even met someone. Someone who was there to celebrate the wedding also. I thought, with hopeful thoughts, hey, this could go somewhere. She lived but a hour from where I lived back in Illinois. Well to answer the question outside this Vegas timeline, it didn’t. They told me it wouldn’t work because of time and distance. Here when I thought distance was the least of a persons experience problem. I mean, isn’t that why people invented planes, trains, buses, cars, bikes etc. And time, I mean isn’t that all we have? Time is something we give to what we feel is most valuable… So to end this post I’ll just say overall it was great experience and it wasn’t wasted time. Till next time Vegas.

- Jamie