So amongst my always busy schedule I decided to join my friend Tyler on a vacation to Tampa Florida. I don’t know if it’s for leisure or more work really, as I decided to fill it up with a bunch of photoshoots while on this escape. As my friend Tyler would tell me, “your crazy.” And I am thinking he is right, you have to have some kinda crazy in you to be successful. Just for the record the thought is same between us because he’s crazy as well. One down to earth girl who stuck out who I took pictures of is Giselle. We met at a park with tennis courts with golden hour closing in and we killed it. Thanks again Giselle hope to connect again when you visit Chicago.

- Jamie  


Let me tell you about a girl… You can call her Kaereilly, I met her last year we did a fall shoot. We met up again this year and obviously did a snow shoot as you can see by the pictures above, also where she killed it. Couldn’t ask for better energy from someone when shooting. When you just click and vibe and the moment comes alive. Those to me, are the moments best captured. Kaereilly is very driven, she always has something going on from what I learned from getting to know her, which is awesome. What she is really good at though amongst keeping up with her busy schedule and goals that is most important is, keeping her family and friends a main priority, which is a very admirable treat. Keep smashing them goals and looking forward to the future shoots.

- Jamie


I’ve been feeling really unmotivated lately, and it might be because I’m burning the candle from both ends of the stick. It’s getting bad to the point where I just work, sleep, and repeat. I have a mindset of feeling like I must increase my income by working a lot in order to improve in my photography, therefore working so much leaving me no time to create. Recently, when I find people to work with, I often find myself thinking of, “Well where am I going to shoot”? Especially now that the weather is getting colder, I want to make sure the scenery and decor for a model is nice and appropriate. When I first started photography, I would be taking photos of everything and anything! It didn’t faze me if I was getting paid or if I had thousands of “likes” on social media. Heck, not even the social media “likes”, but in the real world in general.  However, I have learned and continue to learn that in order to grow, I must progress none the less. I’m sure I’ll be picking up the camera here soon again, and hopefully working with some new talent to better expand my creativeness.

- Jamie


I once had told myself that, if The Weeknd came back to Chicago, I would go to his show. You bet I kept true to my word! And what a night! I’ve been to concerts, but  this one here, I felt like was the best! Also, I had taken a couple of shots before the night started, so that definitely helped. And this is coming from a light weight that seldomly drinks, but it helped me loosen up. None the less, getting the chance to see The Weeknd, Gucci Mane, and Nav, it was an amazing concert! They damn well know how to put on a good show. I had bought two tickets at the time and I wouldn’t of thought it would of been hard to invite someone to go, being who it was that we were going to see. Let me tell you… I found someone last minute (day of) and they indeed had a blast. I enjoy having fun, and when I do, I also like to share it with people I think would enjoy and appreciate the gesture with me. I appreciate getting a chance to meet amazing people wherever I go and Photography has definitely helped a lot in that part of my life.   

- Jamie


We made a tote bag! So while you’re out and about exploring the city, or any place for that matter, you can take this bag to shop with and have on hand. It’s even environmental friendly! Come check it out! Even though we are still working on our site, please bare with us as we will have it up soon. We appreciate your patience during this time and are excited to share what we have!
Thank you!

- Staff


So typically I have Sunday’s off and I was out wandering the streets of Chicago and finally wound up in the Chicago Art Museum as I pass it often. I was intrigued by the size of the place and the architecture of it’s self, as it has a bunch of info of Chicago architectural history displayed within its own walls. As I explored and gazed around I couldn’t help but notice all the nude in artwork. Anyways I suppose in the past we had better appreciation for the woman form than we do in the 2000’s. But I recommend sticking your head in there and getting lost if and ever you get some time.

- Jamie


And here we are! I truly hope you continue to follow us along this new and unexpected journey. Like all great things in life, it starts with one step. We level up and become a better and new us, who are still rooted in the foundation that we’ve always stemmed from, creating something from nothing. 

- Jamie