Friend’s, I normally keep my circle small, but I still manage to make new ones. It’s often hard to do and or spend time with exciting ones as we are all on our own journey accomplishing goals and such. As I keep a busy schedule myself, I like to keep up with my friends on social media and in this instance my friend Sandra, had made a new friend also, who I one day noticed on her Snapchat story. I quickly replied asking her, “hey who is that girl in your story?” She replied, “I knew you would ask me that lol.” So Sandra had told me and I had to ask if the both of them would like to do a shoot, she asked and they were both totally down. And just like that I made a new friend named Tamlyn Gabin. Who I then discovered lived In South Africa and was soon to leave back home as she was working temporally in the states. Her energy was great and she already was a pro in front of the camera, striking posses and making a mood, Sandra and Tamlyn killed it as I think the pictures came out looking pretty magical while spending practically the whole day together exploring Chicago. While Tamlyn is now back home I ponder, now that I made a new friend in South Africa when will I go visit? Knowing that I have a personal tour guide.

- Jamie