I had went to Las Vegas, fun experience, I think I saw a good portion of it, but would really like to go back to do more. It was a friends wedding that brought me there. I couldn’t pass the opportunity to see a wedding/be apart of it and experience it with good friends. Not to mention, it was my first time ever going to Vegas. I had a good solid week to experience it. Landing on a Wednesday morning and leaving on a Monday evening. I had tried reaching out to Vegas models, but my luck didn’t work out on this vacation. I did, however, go to several pool parties some clubs and many places on the strip, and even went to old Vegas, where I’ll most likely zip line down the next time I go back. Trust that I have a list to accomplish mentally in my head for the next visit. I stayed at Bally’s Hotel, it was a nice place where we could easily commute to several locations quickly. I even found out that I was but a block from where my Favorite Rapper had got shot for the last time “R.I.P. Tupac” on the corner of Koval lane and Flamingo road. While I was there I even met someone. Someone who was there to celebrate the wedding also. I thought, with hopeful thoughts, hey, this could go somewhere. She lived but a hour from where I lived back in Illinois. Well to answer the question outside this Vegas timeline, it didn’t. They told me it wouldn’t work because of time and distance. Here when I thought distance was the least of a persons experience problem. I mean, isn’t that why people invented planes, trains, buses, cars, bikes etc. And time, I mean isn’t that all we have? Time is something we give to what we feel is most valuable… So to end this post I’ll just say overall it was great experience and it wasn’t wasted time. Till next time Vegas.

- Jamie