Have I introduced you to my P.I.C (partner in crime)? Meet Tyler Harney, who is the one who sold me my first camera and became my teacher. I met him while in college and before he picked up a camera also, we shared some interest and became friends. When he did reach for the camera he used it learning all about it and how it works and how it ticks. I too took a interest in it from a far, admiring what he was able to do with it. He became better as time progressed. I spent hours watching him edit photos also. It wasn’t until he became a promoter for a club in Chicago and it was his job to take photos to promote the club scene and while I would go with him to the club he would allow me to take his camera and go take photos with it. From that moment I was like this is fun, not only was I capturing a moment, I was able to approach and meet so many new people. So fast forward a little, Tyler was looking to buy a new camera and here I was with my new love for photography. Tyler suggested I buy his camera, as he wanted to advance and buy a new one and that is exactly what I did. I’m sure you know where it took me from there by my work and content. But my friend Tyler has a different passion and love. He shoots landscapes, nature and wildlife. However I make him shoot portraits and lifestyle every now and then. We have traveled to several awesome places. We both push each-other out of our comfort zones to learn and grow more while stretching our creativity. Here is a link to his website probably better looking than mine but check him out and his work. It’s worth the time. ”https://www.tylerharney.com/

- Jamie